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At Z-Athletics we look forward to building long term relationships with our players and their families.


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We strive to provide you with great service and training.


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We'll be there every step of the way through your athletic progression.

Z-Athletics has built an impressive reputation in the sports.

We are able to provide you with an unmatched level of service for your athlete.


  • Bill Ukropina

    Chris, I am pleased to inform you that Conrad Ukropina has committed to Stanford. Your guidance and preparation helped Conrad become a successful football player and I will continue to refer young men to you.

    Bill Ukropina
    Father of Conrad Ukropina - Conrad Semper Fidelis All American Selection.
  • Ken Talianko

    Chris definitely knows what he is talking about. The instruction and mentoring my son receives has been fantastic..! Travis dramatically improved his explosiveness, speed, footwork and WR skills while working with Z Athletics. He is the best!

    Ken Talianko
    Father of Travis Talianko - US ARMY All-American Invite. ESPN Rise All-State
  • Kal Benuska

    Luke is a completely different athlete than we was a year ago in large part because of Chris’ training. Luke now has the tools he needs, physically and mentally, to compete at the highest level thanks to Chris…

    Kal Benuska
    Father of Luke Benuska - All-League honors in basketball. TE for Horned Frogs.